Diamond jewelry offered by Mikel F Diamond Center is 100% of EU origin.
All the diamonds come from Anteverpen – Belgium. The jewelery is designed and made in Italy.
Diamonds used in the production of our jewelry were purchased through legal sources that have no connection to conflicts zones of „conflict free diamonds“, in accordance with the regulations of the UN!
Each piece of jewelry undergoes two controls before reaching the market, by the production and quality control of the final product.

We offer the most diverse array of diamond jewelry in the region. For every piece of our diamond jewelry there is guarantee from THE INTERNATIONAL GEMMOLOGICAL SOCIETY – London, which is presented through certificates of authenticity. Jewelry is made in Italy, and the diamonds come from Antwerp – Belgium. The jewelry is 100% of EU origin.
In addition to having the most diverse offer of diamond jewelry and the best international certificates INTERNATIONAL GEMMOLOGICAL SOCIETY – London, which makes us unique in the region, we are also recognized by our affordable prices, which are sometimes 40% lower than those of the jewelry of similar characteristics found in the region.
Our website is a place you can browse through our jewelry offer, and it is the first site for online sales of diamond jewelry in the region.

Wedding rings collection
You are planning a wedding?
You are looking for wonderful, elegant wedding rings that will represent the symbol of your great love? Wedding rings represent a perfect circle, with no beginning or end. Mikel F Diamond Center offers more than 2,000 combinations of wedding rings, all combinations of yellow – white – pink gold, with our without zircons or brilliants, with varying final touches, different widths from 2 mm to 10 mm, with thickness of 0,8 mm up to even 2,7 mm, and by far – the most affordable prices.
We have the possibility of creating your wedding rings per your order – your own design gives a unique feel to this piece of jewelry, making it all yours. When buying wedding rings in jewelry shop Mikel F, you will get as a gift a natural diamond 0,01 ct SI-G/H embedded in the woman‘s wedding ring. We wish your future to be as bright and strong as the diamond we gift you!

Wedding rings should represent a source of positive energy during your lifetime. Our suggestion when planning a wedding is to put the selection of rings as the priority – you will wear them your whole life, which is why you need to chose them carefully and on time, and we can create them for your size and per your desires. It is possible to create wedding rings in 585/1000 (14 karat gold) and 750/1000 (18 karat gold).

Wedding rings are to be chosen carefully, with love… That is our way of creating them for you…

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